The majority of the population is Buddhist. Bhutan is the only country in the world that has declared Buddhism to be an official religion. However, in the south of Bhutan, the Nepalese population is Hindu.


The national sport of Bhutan is archery, a veritable art and cultural practice where the participants compete wearing the traditional costumes during the tournaments. It is possible to attend certain tournaments, simply ask your guide.


The basic ingredient of their meals is, of course, rice,  but noodles and potatoes are also common. The meals are accompanied with a variety of vegetables, cultivated in Bhutan. Even if many Bhutanese are vegetarians, on the menus you can easily find chicken and beef, as well as fish; Meals are usually served in a buffet form, this way you can take what you want and add – or not – the hot spices; the Bhutanese enjoy very hot spicy food.


If you want black tea, you must specifically ask for it. Otherwise, they will serve tea with milk and sugar. In some places, you can also ask for green tea.  Try the “seuja”, a tea with butter and salt, a specialty of the Himalayas; or for an alcoholic drink (at 17°), they have a drink called Ara.

Art and festivals

In the spring and fall, there are many festivals that mark the rhythm of life in Bhutan, During your trip, we highly recommend that you include a day and/or an evening in order to discover their sacred dances and their unique rituals. Just asking us.