Claudine – Switzerland – Novembre 2017

This travel to Bhutan is, and will stay, one of the most beautiful trip I did ! I travelled with two friends and those two weeks have been full of great times of joy and fulfilment, as well as meditation.

Our guide Tashi and our driver Richin, were two key figures during our stay. They both shared their knowledge and love for Bhutan with– enthusiasm and sympathy. I would like to thanks them again for the great time we had. The locals are welcoming and lovely, even if their shyness and the difference in languages sometimes keep us at a distance. The children are curious about everything and come to say hi with pleasure. The landscapes and rice fields were covered in beautiful pastel colours as we were travelling during autumn. What else would anyone want ? It was a real “change of scene”. I would like to thanks Myriam, who guided us from Switzerland to Bhutan and who looked after us in this beautiful country.

Marceline – Switzerland – October 2017

We travelled to Bhutan in November 2017. The weather was lovely during our stay. Thanks to Specialist Bhutan we were able to discover many interesting things : Monastery (Dzong), cities, festivals, landscapes, sightseeing and to meet local people.

Our guide told us all about Buddhism, its history and myth, he took us to different local festivals, make us feel part of his community and we learnt more about a culture based on the Gross National Happiness, a real way of life.

This country brings peace, tranquillity and harmony. It was a stunning discovery, a travel filled with magic times and emotions.


Marie-Antoinette and her family, Switzerland (October 2017)

We were four people for this trip to the Gross National Happiness country.

Surprise when we flew near Paro’s airport, the plane has to lean on the right then on the left to avoid the mountains and finally land. Only pilots from Bhutan are able to land a plane in Paro !

From Paro to Trongsa, we discovered beautiful landscape, green mountains and wild forest, as well as huge peaceful stretch with pastel colours near Gangtey, We had to change our itinerary because one of the road was closed and impracticable at the end of our tour because of the rain. But we have been able to see everything we wanted to, we tried the “Himalaya’s hot stone bath” and visited Bhutanese people who made us the national drink with fermented rice. Surprising! You should definitely give it a go.

People are lovely and welcoming, even tho they are reserved with tourists. Children came more easily and asked us spontaneous questions. We were pleasantly surprised to see them all with their national costume.

The weather was nice, warm for an October month. We got really hot the day we climbed to the Tiger Nest, around 3’000 m high. The landscape was stunning and we enjoyed a peaceful meditation in the monastery.

With our guide Tashi, attentive, good at explaining Bhutan’s history or myth, always worried about our well-being and always in a good mood, we visited different temples or monastery along our tour, we learn about Bhutan’s myth as well as their divinities and we learn more about Bhutanese people and their way of life.

We will remember this journey in Bhutan for a very long time. This kind of travel transforms your life forever