Propose the discovery of India in a spirit of responsibility and sharing
Initially, the desire to travel...maybe in a different way..
To discover not just one India, but the multiple faces of India, with more diversity,
landscapes, cultures, sensitivities, beliefs, and lifestyles than you can imagine..... or
maybe not..
For some of us Westerners, travelling through India may, above all, be a chance to
confront the unimaginable, a way to shake up our schemes, or even perhaps, to
revisit in depth the way we look at the world.
India & You is first of all, the story of a passion for India and the fruit of encounters and friendships. For the founder, having lived and shared unforgettable moments in India, it has also become a meaningful project aimed at helping you to you discover this amazing country while appealing to your sense of responsibility and your
concern as a citizen of the world.
We would be delighted to organize your next journey to India, and we commit ourselves to allocating CHF 50.- from the financing of your trip to support the
humanitarian cause in India.